Panasonic 58" THX HDR Premium 4K UHD LED LCD TV

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Panasonic 58

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Product Information

4K UHD TVs can deliver up to four times as much resolution as Full HD TVs. As you would expect, this means you can see far more detail and texture in 4K UHD pictures, but colours also look more natural, objects look more solid and almost three dimensional, and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth. Many describe the 4K effect as feeling more like looking through a window than watching a screen. Especially when all that resolution is backed up by the wealth of high-end picture quality features Panasonic brings to its 2016 4K UHD TVs.


Beautiful Design Meets Exquisitely Cinematic Pictures

Tuned by filmmakers, this 4K Pro HDR model combines a Studio Master HCX+ Processor and Professional Cinema Display to deliver outstanding colour clarity, contrast, and brightness. Its Art & Interior design looks beautiful in any room, too.


4K PRO Studio Master UHD

Top of the Range Picture Performance True to the Director’s Vision

Panasonic’s high-end 4K Pro televisions are designed to deliver picture quality accurate to the filmmaker’s original vision. They combine Panasonic’s cutting-edge Studio Master HCX processors with professional quality colour management technology and wide colour range displays to capture every nuance of the original film.


HDR Premium

Delivering a Premium High Dynamic Range Experience with Astonishing Highlights

High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enable televisions deliver images much closer to the way your eyes actually see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television – unless it’s one of Panasonic’s Premium HDR screens with their industry-leading brightness.


THX Certified Display

Professional Cinema Picture Quality – in your living room

THX was founded by legendary film maker George Lucas with the goal of improving the entertainment experience in the cinema and at home. Only televisions that pass 400 THX lab tests, within 30 testing categories, receive the THX 4K Display certification. Their rigorous performance standards, and uncompromised picture quality, ensure that you experience the filmmaker’s vision exactly as it was intented.


Studio Master HCX+

Our best 4K processing – tuned in Hollywood

The new Studio Master HCX+* 4K processor represents the pinnacle of Panasonic image processing. Built on colour, black level and brightness know-how learnt from our reference-quality displays and broadcast equipment. The system has also been tuned by a leading Hollywood colourist to deliver picture quality demanded by film makers.

*HCX stands for Hollywood Cinema Experience


Professional Cinema Display

Pro-grade Cinema Display for the Ultimate Movie Experience

Panasonic’s new Professional Cinema Displays recreate the experience of being at the cinema better than any other TV. Featuring Panasonic’s unique new ‘Honeycomb’ local dimming system for the deepest blacks possible on an LED TV. Cinema Displays combine a wide cinema-esque colour palette and stunningly bright highlights for a true High Dynamic Range (HDR) experience.


Art & Interior – The Art Of Light Design

An elegant frame and pedestal make your television a work of art.

Theses televisions are more than just televisions. Their elegant frames and pedestals make a design statement able to enhance even the most stylish interior design. They’re also the perfect frame for beautiful picture quality produced by their screens.


With built-in FreeviewHD, FreesatHD and Wi-Fi, access to Freeview Play and other Video On Demand services is easily achievable. And now with updated YouTube, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix# supplying 4K videos, you can get the most our of you new 4K UHD TV. 3000Hz BMR screen with reduce the blur when watching high speed sports or movies. Active 3D gives you an added movie experience.


With 4x HDMI inputs, AV and 3x USB Ports you have all the connections you would need to connecting your equipment. Playback photos, videos and music from the USB ports. You can even connect a USB hard drive to record your TV programmes whilst you are out. Connect you games consoles or set top boxes with HDMI and your old VCR with the AV input.


# Subject to internet connection speeds and applicable subscription.

Subject to internet connection speeds and applicable settings and App.


Product Code TX-58DX902B
Manufacturer Panasonic
Condition New

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